Titel: Vision of paradise ARTCONCERT
Songs and Pictures by Ruth Juon and Evi Juon
Ruth Juon Vocal, Lyrics, Music
Evi Juon Moderation, Aquarelle Picture-Projections

Enchanting Voice and colourful sparkling Pictures

Ruth Juons melodious Pop-Songs with a breeze of Classic and Jazz and Evi Juons free drawed aquarelle picture-projections, lead the audience in a intriguing trip of non forseen possibilities. Ruth Juons music prepares with the light orchestra sound colours of strings, harp and fine percussion the ideal surrounding for her light and radiant voice, which flows easily from high to low ranges. Evi Juon made to the songs many aquarelle-drawings. At the computer she readapts them with all their details to video and in the concert projects it to the music on screen. In the Vision of Paradise ARTCONCERT melt the pure bright colours with the music and the voice to a paradisiacal whole.

Music+Art Videos

Evi Juon, Rütibohlstrasse 38, 8135 Langnau am Albis, Switzerland,
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«…Luck and dream in songs and pictures: «Artconcert» is an original art composition for young and old.
Something that speaks to all senses:
An airy, playful,
colour orgy for the eyes,
songs and a story for the ears.
A varied «life bow»,
a picture book in large format,
an outing to paradise…»

Der Sihltaler

Ruth Juon
Ruth Juon studied classical voice at the Conservatory Zürich and Pop and Jazz at the Berklee College of Music in Boston, USA. Since then she worked as a freelance singer and composer and did concerts and recordings in Switzerland and abroad, among others with the «Kindli» Orchestra Willy Schmid, the Bigband des Hessischen Rundfunks and Eugen Cicero. Today Ruth Juon performs together with her sister out of their rich audiovisual repertory in the Vision of Paradise ARTCONCERT.

Evi Juon
Evi Juon studied after her apprenticeship in graphic design visual design at the University of Art and Design Zürich, Switzerland. After that she opened her own studio, did visual design and illustrations for several organisations and publishing companies. Today she draws and paints aquarelles, writes stories and makes picture books.

Vision of Paradise
Named after the same named song, 1999 Ruth Juon and Evi Juon founded their publishing company «Vision of Paradise». Besides their performing on stage, they create and produce Fine Art Print-Pictures, CDs and Picture Books, where all are exhibited and available in their Vision of Paradise GALLERY.

Stage | April 19th 2016    English Translation

A true
paradisiacal Evening in
The two sisters Evi
and Ruth Juon showed in
their concert program within the scope of the
Culture Weekend
playful, colourful
Aquarelle drawings with
melodious songs.

Schindellegi – The audience in the Maihof Hall in Schidellegi felt more and more enchanted by the colourful sparkling video projections by Evi Juon and listened to the light soprano voice of Ruth Juon. At the end one could buy self made magic slippers of the fairy «Pinkvioletta». It was an enchanted evening full of moments of luck, which only life itself can offer.

Höfner Volksblatt and March-Anzeiger

Ruth (left) and Evi Juon harmonized in Music and Pictures

To the Top
Pinkviolettas Zauberpantoffeln
Pinkviolettas Magic Slippers
© Vision of Paradise, Music + Art Ruth Juon and Evi Juon, Switzerland