Bild: Seidenfoulard-Kollektion Bild: Seidenfoulards von Evi Juon
Silk Foulards – Joy of colours
Painting on silk fascinates Evi Juon since many years. The Silk with its flowing elegance lets the colours shine magically.

Art to wear
A Paradise Silk Foulard is a unique piece of art. Enjoy to emphasize with it your personality.
Bild: Strass-Broschen Fitting to it:
Paradise Strass Brooch

White, Rainbow, Light green
CHF 10.–
Bild: Foulrads Ocean 90 x 90 cm Crepe de chine CHF 168.–
Roses 55 x 220 cm Crepe georgette CHF 317.–
Spring Flowers 45 x 180 cm Habotai CHF 305.–
Pink Inspiration 55 x 220 cm Crepe Satin CHF 213.–
Fantasy 55 x 220 cm Crepe satin CHF 465.–
Lila Aquarelle 45 x 180 cm Crepe de chine CHF 310.–
Waves 110 x 110 cm Pongé CHF 280.–
Pict: Evi Juon in her silk painting studio
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© Vision of Paradise, Music + Art Ruth Juon and Evi Juon, Switzerland