Picture: Title Slippers
Pict: Pinkviolettas Magic Slippers Pict:Picture book Rabeschwarz und Pinkvioletta
Witty witches-style as from the picture book

When I was drawing the young witch of the woods I imagined Pinkvioletta with original and of course pink slippers and had no idea that it would give them once in real.

The knit felt made it possible. And now with big joy we present you our self designed, knitted, felted and soled Pinkvioletta Magic Felt Slippers.
      Evi Juon

Original magic slippers to fall in love with

The virgin wool keeps your feet nicely warm. The Felt Slippers cling well to the feet and are very comfortable to wear. The blue robust sole gives stability and warmth and is provided with latex anti slipping points. The decorative over length in front and back and the extravagant formed point give the foot a graceful elegance.

Hand knitted,
100% Virgin woole, felted
Sole synthetic felt,
Pompon 100% Polyester
Picture: hand wash symbol

Pinkviolettas Magic Felt Slippers
Foot length in cm
Size 29–32
18.1 - 20.1
CHF 39.00
Size 33-37
20.7 - 23.4
CHF 59.00
Size 38-40
23.8 - 25.4
CHF 79.00
Size 41-43
25.8 - 27,1
CHF 99.00
Size 44-47
27.8 - 30.0
CHF 119.00

How to measure your foot length

To find out your foot length you have to measure your foot from the longest toe to the end of the heel.

Bild: Sohlen mit Sternenhimmel Picture: one foot with slipper Picture: dancing slippers
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