Eugen Cicero - the star at the grand piano
Eugen Cicero's Chopin Festival
1973 Intercord
Photo: Joschi Jaehnike
Eugen Cicero's signature
Eugen Cicero, a musical child prodigy, is born in Klausenburg, Rumania in 1940.

At the age of 6, Eugen Cicero performs a Mozart piano-concerto with the symphony orchestra of Klausenburg. At the age of 11, Aurelia Cionca, the most famous pianist of Rumania, teaches him the tradition of virtuosity which she herself had learned from a masterscholar of Franz Liszt. Anna Pitis instructs him in the art of the brillant touch on piano.

In 1950-1962, he studies among others interpretation, orchestration, harmony, composition, improvisation and vocal-correpetition at the academy of music in Bukarest.

At the age of 18, he founds his first jazz-quintet.

In 1962 Eugen Cicero gets his music professor title.

In the same year, via Berlin, he comes to Zürich, Switzerland where he is employed in the «Kindli» orchestra of Joe Schmid for two years.

In 1965, his career takes him back to Berlin. In 1965-1971 he is employed at the RIAS- and SFB orchestra. He plays and jams with a lot of American jazzheros who at that time go in and out of Berlin. Eugen Cicero’s solo-career starts to take off. He records his first album called «Rokoko-Jazz» which sells over one million copies.

The unmistakable style of Cicero becomes famous: The substance of classical works of Bach, Mozart, Chopin and others are part of his repertoire which he unites harmonically with swing and jazzimprovisations, full of sparkling ideas, everlasting pearly runs and a phenomenal feel of rhythm.

Countless recordings follow, a real Cicero-boom starts and one concert chases the other around the globe.

In 1976, Eugen Cicero gets the «Deutscher Schallplattenpreis» (prize of the German record-industry) for his arrangements of compositions by Franz Schubert.

In 1982, he moves to Switzerland where he gets to know the soprano Ruth Juon.

Eugen Cicero's Selftimer Video with Ruth Juon Vocal, 1986

5 December 1997 Eugen Cicero passes away.

In 1999, Vision of Paradise publishes the
CD Pas de deux – Ruth Juon and Eugen Cicero
Ruth Juon Soprano and Eugen Cicero Piano and

2001 the
CD Ruth Juon sings Jazz – with Dennis Armitage
DRS Sextet, hr Bigband des Hessischen Rundfunks and
Eugen Cicero Trio.
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