Titel Vision of paradise
Picture book CD
«Vision of paradise»
14 Songs, lyrics in English, German, Italian and Swiss german, with translations in German and English.
14 double-paged water coulour paintings.
40 pages, handbound,
Format 14 x 12 cm.
(5.5 x 4.7 inches)

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CD Cover « Vision of paradise»
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Song cycle Vision of paradise
composed, arranged, played and sung by Ruth Juon.
With water colour paintings by Evi Juon.

 1 Outside and inside  R. Juon
 2 Friend in tears  R. Juon
3   Lovesong  R. Juon
4   You and I  R. Juon
5   Easy going  R. Juon
 6 Schlafliedli - Lullaby  R. Juon
 7 Time  from Ireland, writer unknown / R. Juon
 8 Balance  R. Juon
 9 S Mäntscheloos - The human lot   R. Hägni / R. Juon
10 Tod - Death  R. Juon
11 Venezuela  R. Juon
12 Gebet - Prayer  R. Juon
13 Vision of paradise  R. Juon
14 Last evening at the sea  R. Juon

The song cycle notices moments of luck in live, searches with thinking and fantasy the
paradisical ideal and at the end finds in the song «Vision of paradise» the conclusion:
Paradise is, where love is.

In Ruth Juon‘s melodious music the audience can hear influences of barock and classic as well as of pop and jazz. Evi Juon picks up the essential of lyrics and music and paints for each song an aquarelle in pure sparkling colours. Ruth Juon's sensitive soprano sounds from
the highest to the lowest range light and bright.

© Vision of Paradise, Music + Art Ruth Juon and Evi Juon, Switzerland