Title: Paradise Cakes+Gingerbread
Paradise Cakes

Evi Juon and Ruth Juon create unique one to four floor Paradise cakes.
The recipes are especially worked out own creations. The cakes spoil with soaked light biscuits, japonais and seasonal inspired creme stuffings.
Everything is handmade and the marzipan decorations full of fantasy flow directly out of
Evi Juon's artist hand.
Paradise Cake «Vision of Paradise»
Paradise Cake
«Vision of Paradise»
With japonais, Butter creme,
Biscuit and Orange Mousse,
richly decorated.
Paradise Cake
with Japonais, Biscuit,
Raspberry Mousse,
Lemon Tiramisu,richly decorated.
Raspberry Princess
Paradise Cake «Jacques»
With Lemon Mousse and
Creme Decoration.
Paradise Gugelhopf «Birthday»
With Marzipan decoration and Birthday candles.
Paradise Cake «Birthday»
With Japonais, Biscuit, Orange Tiramisu, icing and Marzipan Decoration.
Paradise Cake Jacques Pict: Paradise Gugelhopf Pict: Birthday Cake «50«
Pict: Paradise Cake «Mermaid»
Paradise Cake

With Japonais, Biscuit,
Orange Mousse and
rich Marzipan Decoration.
Paradise Gingerbread

Homemade with Marzipan Stuffing, handdecorated

Large CHF 15.–
Small CHF 5.–

Our self designed forms:
Lion of Zürich, Rose Heart, Santa Claus and Donkey, Sun, Moon, Dwarf, Easter Rabbit, Easter Egg

Paradise Gingerbread Lion of Zürich Paradise Gingerbread Rose Heart
Paradise Gingerbread small Paradise Gingerbread Sun, Moon, Heart
Paradise Gingerbread Santa Claus and DonkeyParadise Gingerbread Christmas Collection
Paradise Gingerbread Christmas Collection with DwarfParadise Gingerbread Moon
Paradise Gingerbread Easter EggParadise Gingerbread Easter RabbitParadise Gingerbread Easter Rabbits and Eggs
Pict: Paradise Rabbits Pict: Paradise Rabbits Paradise Rose Hearts Pict: Paradise Birds
Yeast pastries with chocolat stuffing.
Paradise Rose Hearts
Paradise Birds
Pict: Ying and Yang-Cockies Paradise Canapés
Ying and Yang-Cockies
Hazelnut Chocolate Dreams
and Magic Wands.

Paradise Canapés
© Vision of Paradise, Music + Art Ruth Juon and Evi Juon, Switzerland